Different views on assuring the quality of honours programmes


  • Pierre van Eijl Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Henmar Moesker Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Marleen Eyckmans University of Antwerp, Belgium




quality assurance, honours programmes, annual report, certification, Sirius compass, assessment framework


Can we match formal procedures for quality assurance with the creativity and individuality that defines honours? In a session at the Utrecht Honours Conference 2016: Honours Futures we discussed experiences in quality assurance of honours programmes in the United States of America, the Netherlands and Belgium. To illustrate the possibilities, a case study of using an external audit for honours education and two case studies of the use of internal quality assurance tools in an honours programme were presented. It is concluded that a form of quality assurance is needed to continuously improve. So honours educators must at least care for internal quality control. Student involvement is stimulating for the engagement of all participants in the process of quality control. Internal quality control may result in an annual report. Annual reports can be used both internally and in external quality control.